1. Advocacy
a. Rights based advocacy
Assist groups (women, youth, underprivileged people etc.) in their struggle for their rights (human rights issues) on own request and/or intervention by CENSODEV
 Funding by IBIS, BUSAC Fund, Civicus
b. Advocacy for local entrepreneurs
Assist groups and organizational structures of local entrepreneurs in their advocacy work vis a vis governmental structures
 Funding by BUSAC Fund
c. Social auditing / development control
Controlling function vis a vis implementers of development programs on behalf and request of local communities
 Funding by Transparency International/Ghana Integrity Initiative

2. Vocational skills development program with Youth in villages/town
a. Mentoring by master craftsmen/-women
Apprenticeship for an agreed period of time, no formal qualification certificate (on the aspect of “some formalization” contacts shall be made to National Vocational Training Institute)
 Funding by Business Advisory Center (BAC) at district level
b. Tailor-made/-measured courses at Vocational Training Centre (VTC)
Courses have being facilitated at VTCs at Kassena-Nankana Municipality and Kassena-Nankana West District. Further courses are planned according to needs/participation.
 Funding by BAC at district level
c. Interview- and selection process on the individual status of training
Workshop on personality building towards entrepreneurship
(possibly organized in cooperation with Carol, specialist on this topic and involving government structure)
i. Fit for the SME Program
ii. Further training required, a tailor-made prolongation of training is agreed upon with trainee, master craftsmen/-women and VTC
iii. Seen as not fit for future SME Program, further prospects of employment e.g. by other functional SME are discussed with the trainee and possible future employer.